Rexburg Water Heater Repair

Your Rexburg water heater system provides a convenient and vital function in your home. From showering in hot water to washing the dishes, these tasks become much more difficult if your water heater decides to quit on you. While nothing lasts forever, the lifespan and the quality of your water heater can be extended through regular repairs and annual maintenance. When repairs are needed and maintenance needs to be performed, be sure to make Rexburg Water Heater Repair with DR Heating and Plumbing your first call. Our South East Idaho plumbing professionals are skilled at finding and diagnosing the problems your water heater has and they can help prevent future malfunctions or serious issues from arising through thorough inspection and maintenance. Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, or a full-on replacement, we are here to ensure that your Rexburg water heater is working and will continue to work, to the best of its ability. 

Not Just Replacement


Not every malfunction with your water heater will require the solution of needing it to be completely replaced. While our Rexburg water heater repair plumbers can provide you with the service of installing a water heater, we can also assist with diagnosing and repairing all kinds of problems that it may be having. Replacing your water heater will need to occur if your water heater has:

  • Extensive outer damage 
  • Is older than 15 years old
  • Excessive cracks and leaks
  • Needs frequent repairs to work

In other less severe cases, many water heaters can get by with repairs to get it working again. Routinely maintaining this system can help you be aware of what condition your water heater is in and it can help to catch any repairs that you need before its condition becomes worse. Not only can repairs be more efficient in taking care of your water heater, but it will also be more cost-effective to have it inspected and repaired before it starts causing damage to your home. Whether you need annual maintenance, repairs, or a total replacement, the professionals at DR Heating and Plumbing are here to help!

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Signs Your Rexburg Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired

A water heater that has broken or damaged parts can cost you a lot in utility bills and run the risk of creating more substantial problems in the future. Our technicians are trained to handle any kind of problem and to fix the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. When your Rexburg water heater is in need of repair, there are a few warning signs that will help you to know when the professionals need to come take a look

No More Hot Water

One of the first, and more obvious, warning signs that your Rexburg water heater is in need of repairs is when you do not have any hot water left. You may notice this while you are washing dishes or showering, but either way, it is convenient to be left with cold water when you are expecting hot. When your hot water no longer stays hot, it indicates an issue with the burner or element of your water heater. When your hot water runs out and all you are left with is cold water in a matter of minutes, the elements of your water heater will need to be repaired. 

Rust-Colored Water

Another physical sign that something is wrong is when the water that runs out of your taps is not the right color. The most common color of the water that runs out when there is something wrong with the heater is rust, or a brownish-red, color. When you turn on either hot or cold water and all you get is this rust-colored water, it is an indication that there might be issues with your pipes. When this color comes out of your hot water tap, it is likely that the metal pole that heats up your water is rusty and will need to be replaced. Regular maintenance can help to ensure that elements of your water heater never get to that point. 

Irregular or Strange Smell

When your water heater becomes old or damaged, the water that comes out of it might change in texture or smell. Mineral and debris buildup over time can spread into your water causing it to produce a strange smell or show up as a cloudy texture of water coming out. When bacteria has the chance to build up in your pipes or water heater, that can also be the cause of foul-smelling water. Whatever the reason is that your water has an irregular smell, it is important to have it repaired as quickly as possible, so no harmful water is being used in your home. 

Low Water Pressure

If the heating components of your water heater have become damaged, it can reduce your water pressure because of the blockage that builds up in your pipes. Low water pressure can also indicate that your heater itself is getting old as well. A professional plumber can assist in getting your water pressure checked and right back up to where it needs to be. 

Leaking Water

Whether it is a small leak or a large leak, any size leak can contribute to your lack of pressure and be a warning that something is wrong with your water heater. Leaks in your water heater can cause even further damage to your unit, as well as your house, so be sure to get in touch with trained plumbers to repair it as soon as you detect a leak.

Loud and Odd Noises

When you start to hear your water heater making loud noises that you are not used to, it is usually a sign that something is internally wrong with your element. The water heater has values, and when one of those becomes damaged it can cause odd noises to be made as your water heater struggles to maintain temperature. This can lead to screeching or loud whistling sounds and most likely means that a valve will need to be replaced.

Rexburg Water Heater Inspection At Least Once a Year

If you have not had your water heater elements inspected by a professional in over a year, now is the time to get that done. Routine inspections and regular maintenance is the key to ensuring a long and healthy lifespan for your water heater. In order to not be caught with the inconvenience of your water heater breaking, be sure to have an inspection done at least once a year – and more often if you notice any indications of repairs needed through those negative warning signs. Even if you feel that everything is working properly, it is always a good idea to have an inspection to ensure that everything is in proper working order for the future. 

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Contact Rexburg Water Heater Repair 

If you want your Rexburg water heater to function properly and smoothly, be sure to contact the professional plumbers at DR Heating and Plumbing. We know what it takes to get your water heater repaired and back up and running. Don’t be caught with a broken water heater at the most inconvenient time – call us today! 

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