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When it comes to a home, there are a lot of crucial parts that make it a comfortable and functional home to live in. Factors such as time, money, and skill go into a home to make it a place that families want to live in. A few things that are vital to your home are electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and of course HVAC. Here in southeast Idaho, you must have an HVAC system that works well and does its job well. Especially with the long and cold winters that we have, proper heating is a must-have. At DR Heating and Plumbing, we know how crucial all aspects of a home are but especially the HVAC system. With Rexburg HVAC, we have a team of trained professionals who can ensure that your system is working properly during those long winter months!

Signs of an HVAC Issue 


Recognizing signs of potential problems with your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system early can prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are some common signs that there may be an issue with your HVAC system:

  • Inconsistent Temperature: If your HVAC system is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home or building, it could be a sign of a problem. Uneven heating or cooling may indicate issues with the thermostat, ductwork, or the system itself.
  • Loud or Unusual Noises: Unusual sounds like banging, clanking, squealing, or rattling coming from your HVAC system can be a cause for concern. These noises often indicate loose or damaged components, and they should be inspected promptly.
  • Increased Energy Bills: A sudden or sustained increase in your energy bills without a corresponding change in usage can be a sign that your HVAC system is working inefficiently. It may be struggling to heat or cool your space, leading to higher energy consumption.
  • Frequent Cycling: If your HVAC system is turning on and off frequently, a condition known as short cycling, can lead to increased wear and tear on the equipment and reduced efficiency. This issue may be caused by a faulty thermostat or a more significant system problem.
  • Weak Airflow: Reduced airflow from your vents can indicate clogged filters, ductwork issues, or problems with the blower motor. Poor airflow can result in uneven heating or cooling and discomfort in your space.
  • Odd Smells: Strange odors, such as mustiness, burning, or a pungent scent, coming from your HVAC system or vents may suggest mold, a burnt-out component, or other issues that require attention.
  • Visible Leaks or Moisture: Any signs of moisture or leaks around your HVAC unit or in the ductwork could indicate a refrigerant leak, a clogged condensate drain, or other issues that may affect system performance.
  • Inadequate Heating or Cooling- If your HVAC system no longer provides sufficient heating or cooling despite running continuously, it’s a clear indication that there’s a problem.

If you notice any of these signs or suspect an issue with your Rexburg HVAC system, call us at DR Heating and Plumbing to come out and take a look. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can extend the life of your system, improve efficiency, and ensure your comfort year-round.

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Rexburg HVAC Services Offered

Rexburg HVAC Repair and Maintenance

There is nothing more stressful than when a large component of your home is not working properly. If you find that you are having concerns about your HVAC system, we are happy to come find a solution to the problem you are having. We know that during the summer months and winter months in Rexburg, a home can become uncomfortable quickly without a working furnace or cooling system. Our team of educated and detail-oriented professionals will come to your home and do a thorough examination of your system to see what is going on. We will discuss what needs to be done before getting started on making the necessary repairs. Getting regular maintenance and timely repairs helps the longevity of your system. 

Rexbrug Furnace Change Out

If you have ever purchased an older home, there is a chance that you will have to change out the furnace at some point. For many, this is due to it reaching its lifespan causing it to stop working completely or just not working efficiently anymore. Some reasons why you may want to upgrade could be due to being more energy-efficient, having different heating needs due to a remodel, or wanting cleaner air in your home. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you pick out a new furnace that will give you the results that you are looking for in your home. When it is time for the replacement, we will remove the old furnace and put the new one in. We will make sure that it works properly and that you feel confident with your new furnace! 

Rexburg HVAC Install for New Construction

If you are in the process of building a new home, you will need to have a furnace installed in order to heat the home in the winter. Our Rexburg HVAC team will be able to take your home plans and create a system that will work efficiently for the size of your home. We take the size of the home into consideration along with insulation, and Rexburg climate to ensure that your home will be heated properly with your new system. We do all of the installation that is needed, and at the end will test the system to ensure that it is working properly and distributing heat as it should. 

Choose Rexburg HVAC with DR Heating and Plumbing 

Your Rexburg house is an investment and a place that you can call home. All the components that make it comfortable are vital. When your HVAC system is having problems, it can become a big problem quickly depending on the season. At DR Heating and Plumbing, we know that time is of the essence and always try to be available to help. Please call us with any questions or concerns that you have about your Rexburg HVAC system, We are happy to send our team members to your home to see how we can help you. Let us take care of a stressful situation and HVAC system working as it should!

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Furnace repair

I had an urgent situation with a pipe breaking. The DR Heating and Plumbing team was fantastic. They were responsive and provided excellent service, everyone from Tyler (who took my call), and Diego and Dillon who performed service call. They were all friendly and quick to respond. I’d recommend DR Heating and Plumbing to anyone.

Lou Fragoso