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The pipes and drains in your home work incredibly hard and go through so much every single day. These vital systems see everything from dirt to soap, to food, and hair – so it can be understandable when these systems need to have a little maintenance done. Maintaining your drains through regular professional cleaning can help prolong the life of your drains and help prevent further issues that can arise if debris builds up over time. When not cleaned periodically, buildup in your drains can cause severe clogs, slow drainage, or ruin your home’s pipes and sewage lines. Avoid all of these issues, and potential future problems, by getting in touch with the team of expert Idaho Falls plumbers at DR Heating and Plumbing for your drain cleaning maintenance and plumbing needs.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance on Your Drains

Just like how you will go to get your car regularly serviced, the drains in your home will need routine maintenance as well. Having your drains professionally cleaned once a year is what is usually recommended but it can depend on the size of your home. Larger homes generally need a little more maintenance, but every house will benefit from their drains being cleaned. The benefits to having the drains in your home professionally cleaned include:

  • Increasing your drain lifespan – When the professionals come to take a look at your darlings, they will be able to detect anything that needs to be repaired and regular maintenance will reduce the risks of repairs needed in the future. This service will increase your drain’s usable lifespan and keep them in better shape. 
  • Repair any problems – If your drains are having issues, a plumber will be able to help fix those problems. When a problem is left and not taken care of, there is a risk that it turns into an emergency plumbing issue and those are much harder to come back from. Regular maintenance can detect and fix these problems before they turn into something more serious. 
  • Reduce buildup and blockage – When the grime goes unchecked in the pipes, it will build up over time leading to slow drainage and sometimes complete blockage. Enough debris buildup over time can even crack your drainpipes. Plumbers are able to reduce your risk of blockage so that your drains can keep working in an effective way. 
  • Reduce bad smells and improve air quality – Bacteria and mold can grow in drains when they are not properly cleaned. These orders and mold particulars can circulate through your indoor living spaces which impacts the quality of your air as well as the smell. Having these contaminants washed away will help to improve your air quality and get rid of the undesirable smells coming from your drains. 
  • Lower cost and improved drainage – High-cost damage can occur to your home if you have a severely clogged drain. Regular maintenance can help make sure that these problems are fixed before you have to pay to replace the pipes. Having cleaned drains on a regular basis will also improve your daily drainage and you are less likely to experience overflowing sinks or toilets.

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Types of Drain Cleaning

Our experienced plumbers in the Idaho Falls area have different techniques and skills they use when assessing and cleaning drains. Not every house is the same; the situations they encounter will vary from drain to drain. There are different methods that are used depending on the situation and many of these solutions are only available for professional drain cleaning experts. 

Inspecting Through a Camera

Plumbers have access to small cameras that are used to look inside the drains to figure out what the exact problem is. They can put the small camera down the pipeline until they find the source of the problem. The goal is to determine what the problem is so that they can develop a plan to best address the issue. 

Motorized Augers or Snakes

Many homeowners understand the usage of an auger to snake a pipeline in order to remove or push a clog through and down a pipeline. While you can buy a basic snake or auger at a hardware store, professional plumbers will have access to standard motorized augers. The rotating elements on these cleaning and draining devices help to break down the hardest, and most stubborn of clogs and buildup in the pipes. This build-up can consist of a number of different elements like grease, human or pet hair, or even tree roots that have gotten into the pipes. 

Hydro Jetting Process

Hydro jetting is a process where plumbing professionals take highly pressured water to clear out any build-up from within your pipes and drains. This water doesn’t damage your pipes, just uses a force strong enough to remove the debris from the sides of the pipe walls. This method can also reduce the number of clogs you could have in the future.

Idaho Falls Drain Cleaning Services 

    DR Heating and Plumbing specializes in drain cleaning and home plumbing. We offer many different drain cleaning services in different parts of your home including:

    • Kitchen: Kitchen plumbing, sink drain, and the garbage disposal drain
    • Bathroom: Bathroom plumbing, shower drain, bathroom sink drain, bathtub drain and the toilet
    • Laundry Room: Washing machine drain and the floor drain
    • Main Drain: Main sewer line plumbing, sewer cleanout, and the main sewer line drain

    We offer these services and much more when it comes to drain cleaning in your home. Visit our website today to get more information on every plumbing service that we can offer you. 

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    The professionals at DR Heating and Plumbing know how important it is to have your drains cleaned and regularly maintained. Let our skilled plumbers do the dirty work for you as we help to clear out your drain, so they work properly and effectively and don’t lead to any further issues down the road. Our professional drain cleaning solutions will help your water to run and drain effortlessly. If you are in the Idaho Falls area, contact us to schedule your professional drain cleaning with our amazing plumbers today!


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