Driggs Water Heater Repair

 Running out of hot water, due to your water heater not functioning properly, can happen at the most inconvenient of times. This modern-day convenience is something that can be taken for granted, but it is something you notice the moment it is not working. When your water heater needs repair, it may be tempting to try to diagnose and solve the problem on your own but that can be very dangerous. With gallons of scalding water, pressurized tanks, and gas lines, this home appliance is best evaluated and repaired by trained professionals with the right equipment. 

In the East Idaho area, the Driggs water heater repair specialists at DR Heating and Plumbing have service options for annual maintenance and regular upkeep on your water heater for any temporary issues you may be having. Having your water heater serviced regularly can reduce the risk of costly maintenance issues in the future and help to ensure that you aren’t caught without hot water at any inconvenient time.

Typical Issues With Water Heaters

Not every appliance will be working perfectly 100% of the time. Water heaters go through their ups and downs, like any appliance in the house, but having them repaired and serviced regularly will help to catch any smaller issues before they turn into critical ones. Water heaters have a few typical issues that can be seen during the duration of their lifetime, and these are problems that should be looked into to prevent further damage to the unit. 

Strange Noises: If your water heater is making some strange noises, it could be due to parts of your heater that have become damaged or loose over time. Another possibility of the weird noises being made is any hard water or different minerals could be building up in the tank causing it to make a different sound. 

Discolored Water: If your hot water is coming out of the tap with a bad smell or a change of color, it could likely be due to your tank corroding and you will likely need an anode rod to be replaced. 

Leaking Tank: Whether due to damage or corrosion, your water tank could get a leak in it. If this happens, you will typically need your hot water tank to be replaced. 

Not Enough Hot Water: When you are not getting enough hot water, it could mean that your thermostat is broken or you may just need a bigger tank to supply your home with more hot water. 

No Hot Water: In a situation where you are not getting any hot water at all, this issue will lie with either the gas or electric elements of your water heater – whichever one you may have. A gas water heater may have issues with its pilot light being lit, whereas it is probably a malfunctioning heating element if you have an electric water heater. 

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Extend The Life of Your Driggs Water Heater

Different factors can play a role in how long your water heater will last. From the heater’s location, to what kind of a water heater it is, it is important to keep tabs on it so that it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most. With its lifespan being about a decade, there is a way to help increase its longevity so that it remains its most productive for the longest amount of time. DR Heating and Plumbing can help prevent your water heater from experiencing problems through their annual maintenance services. This annual maintenance can consist of:

  • Draining your water heater
  • Refilling it with water
  • Inspecting for signs of damage
  • Making minor repairs to avoid future problems

Annual maintenance is one of the best ways to set your water heater up for success in the years to come. 

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Choose Driggs Water Heater Repair with DR Heating and Plumbing

The experts at DR Heating are passionate about servicing your systems and ensuring that you get the best quality service while fitting into your budget. We want to keep your water heater up and running so that you can keep the maximum amount of comfort in your home without all the stress. Our trained and experienced plumbers are available for any Driggs water heater water repairs you may need and can help provide annual maintenance to protect it from any future issues. We can assist with anything from minor repairs to full-out replacements so be sure to contact us today so that we can give you the peace of mind that comes with a regularly maintained and serviced water heater. 

DR Heating and Plumbing

Replaced Versus Repaired


It may be difficult to know when your water heater needs total replacement or if you can just get by with simple repairs and maintenance. Proper annual maintenance can help to address any issues your water heater may be having and it can even help to prolong its lifespan when its issues have been regularly repaired. When you find your water heater running into many problems and it is not functioning properly, it is a good point of reference to look and see how old it is. Its’ age and how often it has been maintained will give you a good idea of whether just a few repairs will do or if the entire system will need to be replaced.

Replace It

Typically, a water heater can last up to about 10 years without running into severe issues. If after this point your heater is having problems, the Driggs water heater repair experts suggest that it is time for it to be replaced. When experiencing the typical issues a water heater faces in excess, and repairs are not solving the problem, you will need a whole new water heater.

Repair It

Consider simple repairs for your water heater when it is less than 10 years old. Regular repairs and annual maintenance can help sustain your water heater and keep it running functionally during this time. Having your water heater repaired can be cheaper and it is always best to go to skilled professionals who can ensure that the job is done safely and correctly.

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I had an urgent situation with a pipe breaking. The DR Heating and Plumbing team was fantastic. They were responsive and provided excellent service, everyone from Tyler (who took my call), and Diego and Dillon who performed service call. They were all friendly and quick to respond. I’d recommend DR Heating and Plumbing to anyone.

Lou Fragoso